Lauren Eilbeck

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Originally from down South I followed my family North and now love the country side. 

Before joining the team I was in various roles from buying to merchandising but I feel that I have now found my niche. I enjoy dealing directly with customers and suppliers, along with problem solving and trouble shooting. 


I enjoy spending time with family, canicross, walking and hiking – all great ways to spend quality time with my friends and family.

I also enjoy wood work and sketching to enjoy some me time. I take an evening art class once a week and try to find the time to sketch when I can. 

I love walking barefoot on tiles and the sound of thunderstorms. 

On my way to work every morning, I love to rock out in my car to my favourite tunes and sing along like I am a famous rock chick. 


I hate extremely cold showers, disrespect, unfinished answers, partially closed doors, when your computer begins an update when you are in a hurry and when your socks escape your foot inside your boot. 

Tell us an interesting fact about you 

I am a CAB volunteer, want to learn line dancing and I do a cookie swap with friends at Christmas.

What would your spirit animal be?

TIGER – I like to spontaneous, trust my intuition more often than not and act fast when needed. 

Use 3 words to describe yourself

Trustworthy, kind and confident 

What if you ruled the world?

I would ensure that everyone could use their natural talents to make great things happen. And Irish cream flavour would be made available in everything!