Shania Kelso

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I have grown up and lived in Carlisle all my life but have moved homes 13 times! I briefly left Supply-It in 2019 to travel around Australia, Bali, Cambodia & Vietnam and they came back with a new lease of life!  

I joined the team when I was 17 in 2017 on an apprenticeship and I loved the office environment that much, I have stuck around for 4 years.


Festivals, Boozy Brunch, Christmas & Family 


Fish Pie, Getting out of bed & Long car journeys ( with me driving ) 

Tell us interesting fact about you

I am 1 of 6 siblings!

What would your spirit animal be?

An Elephant 

Use 3 words to describe yourself

Independent, Loving & Ambitious

What if you ruled the world?

If I ruled the world i would stop poverty and animal cruelty